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Cesare Fazari


Bankers Cobalt Corp

As a founding partner in Northwood Developments for more than 30 yrs, Cesare Fazari has successfully specialized in commercial retail rollout, completing thousands of turnkey locations with major commercial franchises such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Marshalls, Trade Secrets and Public Mobile to name a few. With his entrepreneurial vision, Cesare has been the seed Venture Capital investor in many successful public companies such as Hydropothacary Corp., Ianthus, Drone Delivery Services, SEB, and others. Cesare also sits on the board as a director of the public merchant bank Fountain Asset Corporation and is on the advisory boards of several public and private companies. Further, he has a vast portfolio of over one million square feet of real estate holdings which include hundreds of residential units and hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial office space, commercial retail, industrial space and land. His philanthropic nature has led him to be actively involved in charitable organizations including The Breakfast Club of Canada, The Canadian Cancer Society and the Good Shepard Food Bank. He and his wife of over 30 years have raised three sons who together are all active in the family business. As a visionary, Cesare continues to build a portfolio of assets spanning several industries.