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About Bankers

Bankers Cobalt Corp is a cobalt and copper (Co-Cu) exploration and development company focused on advancing its high-quality portfolio of permitted concessions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Our goal is to generate a reliable, certified supply of non-conflict Co-Cu for existing and new processors in the DRC having excess capacity but a lack of available certified resources to meet burgeoning market demands.

Proven team experienced across the entire spectrum of Co-Cu exploration & development and in-country experience backed by geopolitical know-how
Exploring and developing a leading portfolio of high-grade Co-Cu projects to exacting Canadian mining standards and transparency in the Central African Copperbelt with an aim to expand and diversify globally
Building a portfolio of assets that will provide clean, certified and nonconflict Co-Cu supply in a symbiotic relationship with DRC based processors with existing excess capacity and a lack of available certified resources to meet burgeoning market demands
Portfolio Co-Cu concessions in the DRC – one of the early movers actively exploring and developing Co-Cu in the DRC and possessing clean title to all concessions